Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Toughness---It's Hereditary

Support your local tough guy today!

Unca G 
"U make-a funna my shirt, I smacka u face."

"Yeah, so I like Pink. She's still a rock star. She's got her rock moves. I'm gonna get
in trouble, I wanna start a fight."


  1. You've got such handsome guys there, they could wear anything and look great. BUT because you like pink, they wear pink. I think they might like you a little. :)

  2. Two words. Love it.

  3. Jan: Aren't they sweet? And I definitely agree with the handsome--my mom had some good-looking brothers, that's for sure. I dated a guy in college who started a fad with his pink Izod shirt. Remember those?

    Auntie M: I thought you might! :) Thanks to Uncle G for playing along!

  4. In the 50s (ancient times)the combination of pink and charcoal in clothing was popular for a while. Boys and girls wore it.

  5. Auntie M: I was alive in the 50's but only for 2 weeks so I don't recall. :)

  6. septembermom: Yeah, I've learned you don't need girls to have pink in your life! :)


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