Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Signs of the Times--A Day in Edinburgh

Guest Post by Janice Hunter of Sharing The Journey


  1. Funny! I like them all, especially Chaos!

  2. septembermom: You'll notice Chaos is pointing straight to my house...

  3. Is the wheelchair running towards the alligator a new Florida sport? Does it compete for fans with Pamplona's annual Running of the Bulls?

  4. Winston: I shall have to ask our resident Floridians about that. Well? What say ye, people of Florida?

  5. I think it says a lot about our weird and wonderful friendship, Randi, that I saw these, laughed myself silly and thought of you! They were in an exhibition of funny signs fom all over the world. My favourite part was standing watching everyone break into smiles as they read them.

  6. Marc crawls out of the water, remnants of his wheelchair in hand. He raises up what once looked like a wheel and proceeds to bash the crocodile over the head. Repeatedly.

    "Gerroff! I'll turn you into a bloody handbag!"

    I'm telling you, that sign was. Not. There

  7. Janice: Thanks so much for sharing these with us. [The funny thing is, Janice took these pictures of the exhibit, not knowing that I was going to have pictures of my own funny signs going up--we thought of these almost simultaneously!] I also liked the one about clothes being removed by waiting customers and management! Classic!

    Marc ( aka Man vs. Wild): Oh, Oh! Can you make me a pair of shoes, please? And a belt? And perhaps a little coin purse if I'm not asking too much?

  8. "Not a problem."

    Marc proceeds to pull out his Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife, with a suitably geeky grin upon his face.

    "Now, which of these implements is the one called 'Turn a Crocodile Into Fashion Items in 3 Easy Steps'

  9. Marc: Oh, yes! The Giant Swiss Army Knife!

    For the uninformed among us, please go to Marc's site to get educated:

  10. Speaking as a 16 year Floridian,
    wheelchairs and gators are not compatible. There are gators in the pond in our back yard and we don't let unsupervised kids or folks who are not fleet of foot out there.

  11. Auntie M: You are a brave, brave woman for putting up with gators in your backyard. I am a wimpy, wimpy woman who is afraid of sheep who get loose. So what do you do if it is hanging around the door when you try to go out?

    There ya have it, Marc! I guess I shall have to wait for my gator coin purse procured by Giant Swiss Army Knife.

  12. Hi Randi
    The first one gets my vote. They should have that in place as you enter Paris by car. People need to be warned.

    In Sunderland there is a road sign pointing out to sea which reads Germany(as if you have an otion to take a right and drive there at low-tide).

    I like you site Janice.

  13. Randi:

    The gators do come ashore now and then, but they are easily seen by the time they get there. There's no element of surprise. "Oh, gosh, I didn't see it coming." Our backyard is small, just a grassy slope to the pond, so we don't spend recreational time there. Our neighbor once found a gator at her front door, and one wandered up to our mailbox out by the road, but they mostly stay in the pond. When they get too big (12 feet)and become a nuisance to anyone, they are removed. We actually enjoy seeing them. We have names for them and miss them when they don't show up for a while.

  14. Ken: I like the Germany sign. That's funny. I've never been to Paris. I am hoping that soon you will be our personal travel guide? Thank you for visiting Janice's site. It's one of my favorites.

  15. Auntie M: I would be afraid to go out my front door if I had seen a gator lurking there. Are they fast? Can you outrun a gator? Do they chase you or are they happy to see you retreat? I guess that would be a good burglary deterrent? Just put a little "Premises patrolled by gator" sign on your door?

  16. Randi:

    Yes, gators are fast. They can outrun a person, but like I said,
    they really aren't lurking around.
    One would be foolish to go into the pond, or to let children or pets play near the water.

  17. Auntie M: I'm always finding new reasons to be in awe of you.

  18. @Ken,
    Thanks for visiting; I'm thrilled you like my site!(It's not as much fun as Randi's though...)

    You should visit Auntie M sometime...she has a very interesting back yard. You won't need your flash Swiss cutlery...

    @Auntie M,
    Remind me never to have any heated grammar discussions with you while in your back yard drinking pitchers of chilled white wine!You were my heroine before, but now you've just blown my socks off!

    I love your site! If i thought it would make any difference to your Feedburner stats, I'd subscribe a gazillion times just to make you eat that onion you mentioned in another post!

  19. My favourite? Clothes needing to be removed.. ha ha ha ha ha...

  20. Daisy: I liked that one too. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out though, WHY you would need a sign like that? In what circumstance is it ok for waiting customers to remove your clothing?


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