Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen...

...are in Seattle!

I'm showing my age a bit because I am old enough to remember the TV show "Here Come the Brides." The next line, if I remember correctly, went "And the hills the greenest green, in Seattle."

Utah has its own kind of beauty, but it's the kind of beauty that requires a fondness for the "ugly section" of the crayon box. Burnt Umber. Raw Sienna. Tan. Mahogany. Maize. Sepia. The section that boys used to color animals and buildings.

Seattle gets the fantasy section of the box. The kind that girls use to color fairies, unicorns, flowers and princesses: magenta, orchid, carnation, periwinkle, thistle, turquoise, mulberry. And the greens: pine, olive, spring, yellow, forest, sea, shamrock and asparagus.

Most of the yards I saw on my seven day Seattle fest were impeccably groomed and maintained, the owners taking full advantage of the splash of color available to people who live with plenty of precipitation.

I have a new love in my life and my husband is not even jealous. It's his hometown.


  1. Randi, I'd like to post the following to my blog, credited as you see below. If you'd rather not be paraphrased in this way, I quite understand. Thought I'd ask first this time.

    "There is a 'reality section' of the crayon box -- burnt umber, raw sienna, tan, mahogany, maize,
    sepia -- that boys use to color animals and buildings. And there is a 'fantasy section' --
    magenta, orchid, carnation, periwinkle, thistle, turquoise, mulberry -- that girls use to color fairies, unicorns and princesses."

    -- by Randi at Foreign Quang (in "The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen")

  2. A hydrangea... my second favorite flower in the world. Your trip sounds wonderful. Congratulations on your new love.

    Great to have you back! I was about to send out an APB for Randi. : > )

  3. Robert: I don't mind at all if you post that section, paraphrased, to your blog. I'd be honored. Thank you!

    Writer Dad: A hydrangea! I asked my husband's sister what this flower was in her garden and she only knew that she got it for Mother's Day. I should have known to come to the flower expert. I'm glad you popped in and identified it for me. So what's your first favorite flower?

  4. Beautiful post. I always had a fondness for the boy section of the crayon box. The colors are so warm. There is beauty in all shades and this post is poetic with its use of the color palate.

  5. Cindy: Thank you! Many people over the years have told me about their favorite sections of the crayon box. It's actually fun to watch at school when the crayons are passed out. Some children start pulling out the blues; others the greens or the yellows. I think somehow we have an emotional connection to crayons because they brought us joy as children, whether during art class at school, or when receiving a new box at Christmas. You're right; there is beauty in all shades especially when combined with others. I'm glad we live in a colorful world.

  6. Finally - I'm in!! Internet explorer kept crashing every time I tried to access this post or repeating the page like the baddy who clones himself in the Matrix!

    I loved this post!! Robert's used the exact lines I was going to tell you were my favourites, but he's Robert so that's OK! And the sea pictures, how I loved them!! In case I can't access today's post to leave a comment,please email me and tell me what it felt like. Better still, write me a guest post - that's a journey I'd love to have you share!

  7. Janice: Thanks for your nice words! You are such a support. I just watched parts of the 3rd episode of Matrix today. How funny! I'll see what I can do in the next few days about "sharing my journey."

    All: Is anyone else having the same problem with my site and Internet Explorer? For two people now, it keeps re-loading my site until it finally crashes the browser. Let me know! Thanks!


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