Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bloggers With Heart

Two bloggers have recently touched my heart by exposing theirs.

Janice Hunter of Sharing the Journey recently re-posted my piece on hunger and Project Rehema, with permission, and added her own thoughtful words as well. If you haven't gotten to know Janice, please pay her a visit. Her site is full of "soul food and support" as her tagline says. I got to know Janice through sites that we mutually visit. Writer Dad, Blogopolis Blueprint, Motivate Thyself, and Collective Inkwell are just a few of the blogging hotspots where we've bumped elbows and said, "Hey, I know YOU!"

Daisy of Namas Daisy jerked my tear ducts this Mother's Day week with a beautiful poem on mothers we are thankful for and mothers we are mindful for. I would like to issue three challenges.
1. Please read her poem
2. Ponder those characteristics of mothers we should be "mindful for." See if these descriptions fit any mother you know, or even someone you don't know yet.
3. Do something to touch the life of one of those mothers this weekend--a mother who may be stressed or struggling or raising children on her own.

Do you have bloggers who have touched your heart?


  1. Well, that's a simple answer - you're a blogger who've touched my heart! I love your posts.

    Enough said.

    I just noticed (yeah, sometimes, it takes me a really really long time) that on your sidebar, you've listed movies you've seen more than 5x and Top Gun is one. I've seen that movie at least 30+ times now, and my son has seen it at least 10+ times. How crazy is that.

    I love Goose too, but I actually love him more as Dr. Green on ER.


  2. Daisy: Aw, you're a sweetie! You've touched my heart lots too.

    Goose is great, huh? I liked him as Dr. Green too. I wonder why we don't see more of him. He's so likable. I think you have me beat on how many times you've seen Top Gun! I know I've seen it at least 10 times. I don't see too many movies but once I find one I like I seem to watch them over and over. As you could probably tell by my list. :)

  3. You!

    Huge hug, and happy US Mother's Day when it comes.

  4. Janice: Thank you! I'm hugging you back! Does Scotland have it's own Mother's Day?

  5. Weird... I commented on this a million years ago. I think Blogger hates me.

    Thank you Randi - you are a blogger who has touched my heart.

  6. Writer Dad: I have had a few people who say that Blogger has not let them comment. I checked out their help site and the only fix they had so far was to disable the security feature where you have to type in the gibberish letters. I did that and that solved some of the problems. Let me know if it doesn't show a comment again.


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