Monday, March 14, 2011

Las Vegas Hates People Like Us

Daughter Kay and friend booked a trip to Las Vegas last weekend and asked if we would be able to drive down to see her. We agreed. It had been two years since our last visit with Kay and after all, it’s “only” a five hour drive for us, one-way.  Besides, you all remember how much I love Las Vegas, right?

Last Friday, daughter Em and her son Avatar, Computer Geek, Weston, and I all piled into our little car at 7:15 A.M.  We arrived at about 11:30, LV time, and met Kay and her friend at Caesar’s Palace.

Kay’s goal was to have a good time with her friend and to see us. Our goal was to see Kay and to avoid spending as much money as possible. We ate lunch at Subway, saw some free attractions, and spent 99 cents on a magnet.  Woo-hoo! Hey, big spenders…

They hate us.

Some observations:
*Caesar’s Palace was designed by a childless person. Why else would there be a marble-topped diaper-changing table in the women’s bathroom?  Beautiful, yes. Practical? Not so much.

*In Las Vegas, purses are not just for women. I’m not talking about fanny packs or messenger bags—I’m talking about full blown Coach handbags. In yellow and pink.

*Even though you are outside and can’t see anyone smoking, you can still walk through a wall of stifling cigarette smoke.  It’s omnipresent.

*One of the reasons we refuse to be sucked into the Vegas spending machine---Kay and her friend each had one drink and the bill was $20.

*Dear Las Vegas porn peddlers: I am so happy that you look the other way when my twelve-year old son walks past you. I am not so happy that you push your material on my husband when I am right there with him.

*Dear M&M store: $13 a pound for M&M’s? Seriously?

Yet, there is beauty to be found in Vegas and when we see it, we marvel.

 Stunning Art

Em and Avatar

Avatar, Weston, Em, Kay, and Friend

A Spiral Escalator at Caesar's

Em and Kay ran into some old friends

No trip is complete without a visit to the Bellagio fountains

Seven-year old Avatar walked around the fountain proclaiming, "There's Ares! That's Artemis! There's Poseidon!"       Thank you, Rick Riordan.

A final Las Vegas note: When you feel like walking, for what seems like hours, to get to the Mirage so you can go to the aquarium, don't bother. It's just a fish tank on a wall.


  1. Thanks for the Vegas inside info. I can't believe that they accost your husband with you standing there. All of the pictures are great Randi. $13 a pound for M&M's? Even this chocolate lover would have to say no.

  2. I often draw the line on what I'll spend on a particular item. Ice cream cones at nearly 5 bucks each? No thanks. M & M at 13 bucks a pound. Nah.

  3. Auntie M...when I went to Florida last October I was walking on Lincoln Road in Miami and it was so hot so my friend and I stopped at the Haggan-daz (sp?) and when they rang it up it came to $16!!! It was $8 each. It wasn't like we could say after they handed it to us that we didn't want it anymore. So alas we were violated by ice cream. Never again will I take for granted that ice cream cones are a couple of bucks a piece without looking at how much the actually cost. It was good ice cream, but then it was so hot that it melted all over us as we ate it. Overall ice cream was not worth it.

  4. oops, wrong Google account...Matthew is actually Levizmom

  5. septembermom: Yeah, they're pretty gutsy to try to hand him things when I'm right next to him. At least he refuses! :)

    Auntie M: Although I don't travel much, I have noticed a marked increase in the price of food at tourist tarps. Computer Geek used to work in Vegas and their marketing strategy has changed. It used to be that food was cheap so that you would spend more on gambling. Now it seems as if the attitude is, "If we can't rob you through gambling, we will rob you through food, drinks, whatever." Marketing-wise it's probably a better strategy, but consumer-wise, I don't like it.

    Matthew/Levizmom: I can't believe $8 for ice cream, even if it is Haagen-Dazs. I'm surprised they don't feel embarrassed when they tell you the total.

  6. Sounds like you have your feet firmly on the ground, spent some time with the family and took some great pictures.


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