Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bastille Day-My Non-Anniversary

In 2003, I was a single mother, having lived through a failed marriage. My son was five years old and was tended by a seemingly endless parade of babysitters while I worked fifty hours a week. I didn't enjoy my status but there seemed to be no other options for me.

My daughter Em at the time had a friend named Gnome. Gnome had a father who was single, having recently suffered through a failed marriage also. Em would tell me how sometimes she and Gnome would discuss the possibility of her mom/her dad getting together, making them sisters. "Never!" I would say. Gnome's dad, a computer programmer by trade, was an extremely annoying individual.

He would call me.
I wouldn't answer the phone.
He would knock at my door
I would hide until he gave up.
He would drop by my place of work.
I would be grateful for every customer who walked in the door, keeping me from having to talk to him.
People would say, "Maybe you should give him a chance."
I would respond in my best pirate voice, "Nevah!"

He was a stalker, in my opinion.
Drove me crazy.

On July 14, 2003, he walked into the cell phone store that I managed. No customers were there, just my co-worker and I, meaning I would have to deal with him.

We chit-chatted aimlessly until he uttered those words that made me realize the depth of my loathing.

He: "Oh--it's July 14th."
Me: "Yeah, Bastille Day."
He: "How did you know that?"  I wanted to slap that incredulous look right off his face.
Me: "You expected me not to know that. Therefore the only reason you would have possibly brought it up was to hope that I would therefore ask, 'What's special about July 14th?' so that you could explain it to a dummy like me." Then with my best Clair Huxtable wave of the index finger I said, "You ain't the only smart one!"

I was mad. Really mad. That arrogant pompous horse's butt.

After he left, I said to my co-worker, "I will never marry that man. UGH!"

He kept on calling.
Driving by.

On April 10, 2004 we were married. I have had six happy years with Computer Geek. We are extremely compatible, which I guess means that I am an arrogant pompous mare.

Em and Gnome are sisters.

Happy Bastille Day, Computer Geek. Whatever that means.


  1. What a story! See how all that fire of resistance in you turned out to be the fire of passion. LOL. Happy Bastille Day to you and your computer guy!

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  3. I'm glad it wasn't Arbor Day...

  4. septembermom: That's a great way of putting it! Happy Bastille Day to you too!

    Winston: When's Arbor Day? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. in the summer?

  6. Winston: No, silly. The first one was on April 10.

  7. Now that's a romantic courtship.

    Happy Anniversary R and CG.

  8. Auntie M: The stuff Harlequin romances are made of! :)

  9. Randi -

    Well happy whateverer then :)

    Maybe Tim knows about it because Seattle has an annual Bastille Day fest (according to Wikipedia which is never wrong).

    All I know about heritage stuff is I hope my Music Ed teacher gave me a decent grade for my lesson this time. I played "Praise to the Man" & "Scotland the Bold" on which PTM is based, one of the students said it was "too Mormony"

    Only if they knew how Mormony I was.

    God Bless,

  10. Randi,

    What an incredible lovestory! Awww shucks.. makes me grin from ear to ear.

    I too would nevah evah marry a computer geek. No way.


  11. Love it! Happy belated!

  12. That's so romantic :)
    Determination pays off!

  13. Adam: you knew something that CG didn't! He was unaware that Seattle had a Bastille Day celebration. Thanks for the info.

    Daisy: Nevah would you marry a CG? Nevah say nevah, ha ha! :)

    Jill: Thanks!

    Taleah: I told someone once that I probably shouldn't marry him because it would only encourage him that stalking works. :)

  14. Aw yes, dad in his stalker mode. Strangely, watching Eclipse when Jacob's pack is teasing him "should I call Bella? Will she call me? should I call her and then hang up?" kinda reminded me of dad. Let's just say he knew you guys were made for each other! Em and I sure knew it :P

  15. Juliegoose: Your dad's my Jacob? How romantic! Although I think I should have made him wait until Bastille Day to marry me. :)

  16. all I have to say about this is "Sandy Plants!" :) love you!

  17. ekanela--he he he! That was a funny moment! Love you too!


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