Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inspiration from Goodlife Zen Question 7

The posts until Saturday, January 9, will be in response to Mary Jaksch's questions on Goodlife Zen, 11 Questions that lead to Gratitude. Please visit the site and subscribe for daily inspiration.

7. What kindness did you experience?

I am giving myself a week to finish this post. Really, I tried to go back over the last year and think of all the many kind things that people did for me. Then I worried about leaving anyone out. With a surety, I will get a list done, and then remember some extremely important act of kindness that someone did, and I will have to strike myself in the face for forgetting. So here I am…giving myself some room to fail at total recall. As kindnesses come to my recollection over the week, I will add them.

My week-long party of a birthday will not be mentioned since I so recently posted all the beautiful acts that were done in my behalf. Go here if you need a refresher.

I will however give kudos to Computer Geek for knowing about my early-morning birthday wake-up call ahead of time, but keeping it a secret. He’s a good surpriser! (He will tell you that it’s only because his memory is shot and that if he kept a secret it was only because he didn’t remember it.)

A kind person in Seattle gave us her parking spot so we didn’t have to pay $20.

Computer Geek’s two sisters let us stay at their respective homes for almost a week when we were in Seattle.

I got two Mother’s Day cards from sweet young ladies to whom I did not give birth—Gnome and Angel Dancer.

My students gave me heart-warming gifts of artwork, love notes, flowers, and other valued items.

My son frequently comes up to me and says, “You’re the best mom in the world. And I don’t think you’re fat.”

Several friends gave me gifts of garden produce, including homemade pickles and jam.

My two daughters, Em and Kay, wanted to go to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in Vegas, but they didn’t want to go without us, so together they paid for Computer Geek, Weston and me to go.

For the past year, I have received kind-hearted comments from the readers of this blog. Only one person was mean to me, but I have the power of the DELETE button! My kind aunt is always generous with her praise, which means a lot to me since she is a writer/author, editor extraordinaire. I feel like I can count many of you among my true friends, even though we have not met. Thank you to those of you who mailed surprises—you know who you are…

Daughter Em surprised her little brother Weston with some back-to-school outfits. Oh wait…Computer Geek tells me that males can only use the word “outfit” when referring to their trucks.

Several people gave me beautiful plants—roses, a Christmas Cactus, and another plant with pretty, poufy, pink blossoms.

My local friend Ekanela is always ready with a kind word (although she talks really fast so you have to listen carefully,) a beautiful smile, and a helping hand. Make that two. Two helping hands. Not to mention her six vertical feet.

Merrill Osmond shook my hand.

Em came over one day and surprised me with two new shirts. She's my Stacy.

Two people employed me for a few days to do some bookwork for them and overpaid me.

To be continued…

Continued from above: See--I knew I'd think of more...

One of my friend buys really cool clothes for her son. He's two years older than my son so when her boy outgrows his cool clothes, she gives them to me! In perfect condition!


  1. Hi Randi
    I SHOULD be able to reel these off without thought but find that I really need to think hard.

    Some people remarked on my painting skill but I hope they were being accurate rather than kind. If they were just being kind I would be upset...possibly. Is being complimentary being kind or just being kind? What is being kind anyway?
    I'm still thinking about this. Am I thinking too much?

    I loved your son's response...My son frequently comes up to me and says, “You’re the best mom in the world. And I don’t think you’re fat.”

    Am I being kind here?
    Right! Here's a kindness (because I don't have to say it)I think you are beautifully expressive...and I'm not just being kind.

  2. Another great post, Randi. I look forward to the additions. And, here's a thought...maybe we should all reflect on the times when we feel we were kind to others (and when we were not).

  3. Love it!

    I agree with Ken's kindness (and truth) - you are beautifully expressive.

    I feel that I can bypass answering this one because there have been so many acts of kindness every day, all year long, that I would never be able to detail them all. It'd go on forever. So, cheers to more kindness every day.

  4. Ken: I had the same problem! It seems like I am surrounded by kind people and so it becomes difficult to enumerate them all.

    Trust me--the people who remark on your painting skill are not just being kind. Your art makes me want to create a masterpiece novel with your paintings as my illustrations.

    I love how Mary's question took you to a place where you began even questioning what kindness really is. And thank you for not just being kind on my behalf--although I still think it was an incredibly kind thing to say. :)

  5. Auntie M:I loved the way you delved deeper into the question. I certainly could use a little introspection into the times when I was not kind to someone. I hope I am never deliberately unkind, but then what is unkindness? Is it being unkind when we could have done a kindness and didn't? If that's the case, then I'm more unkind than I want to admit. The kind thoughts are there, but the kind actions sometimes don't follow. Good thoughts, Auntie M!

  6. Daisy: Like Ken, you are too kind! Thank you for your nice words. They do mean a lot.

    It seems you ran into the same problem Ken and I did---kindness is so much around us everywhere that it should be very easy to make a list--yet it's not. How do we determine what makes the list and what doesn't? Or who would be embarrassed by their public inclusion on the list?

    I agree with you---cheers to kindness!


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