Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Serenity 9-20-09

Cave on Boracay Island
The Philippines


  1. Imagine passing time in that little getaway spot. It would probably feel sort of primal and raw. So maybe that's the place for my poetry nook? Ha!

  2. Naqvee: I agree.My daughter came back with some gorgeous photos. Thanks for stopping by again!

    septembermom: I thought this was such a beautiful photo, that I too thought about sitting there and writing. That was replaced by thoughts such as, "What if, while I am sitting here on this rock, writing about this pristine place, an octopus reaches up and grabs my ankle by one slimy tentacle?"

  3. Danielle: Hello! How are you? Welcome to Foreign Quang! I'll see you in school tomorrow.


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